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SONY PlayStation Party 2000 - London, September

Created and completed in less than 4 weeks, we took four of the huge, dark and rambling barns of 3 Mills Studios and transformed them, just for one night, into a glittering architecture of multi-tiered galleries, elevated walkways, bars, bridges and terracing for 5000 eager guests. The Man in the Hat, Jamiroquai, guested and giant projection screens and layered plasma screens carried images of fire, earth, air & water around the four themed rooms.
"We built UP, UP & UP, taking the guests to ever higher and higher places & spaces!"
S.A.P.'s Sapphire 2000 - Berlin, June

Taking time off from pure design, we created & directed the technically ambitious and eye-catching multimedia opening for S.A.P.'s Sapphire 2000 Congress in the ICC, Berlin. Lighting, music, dancers, acrobats and interactive laser harps were combined into a fast moving journey from the "real" to the "E" world.
"A Rock & Roll show in three and a quarter minutes!"

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